A new concept for food packaging compostable and sustainable, Tableware from nature back naturally

Sugarcane is a non-food renewable resource, yielding new harvests annually. Sugarcane-bagasse is the name for the plant. The material used for this food packaging is made from sugar cane fiber, a waste product after sugar production. This means that no trees need to be cut down for our food packaging.

  • Healthy nontoxic harmless and sanitary
  • 100 °C water & 120 °C oil resistant, without leakage
  • Biodegrable and compostable
  • Microwaveable and freezer safe

Bagasse is used to make a variety of food packaging items which include but is not limited to, plates, bowls and takeaway containers. Environmentally friendly raw materials bring you a green meal experience.

Bagasse products are ideal for takeaways, supermarkets and food suppliers.


Environmentally friendly raw materials bring you a green meal experience.

Plate Round, Plate Round Natural, Plate Round 3 Part, Bowl Round Natural, Bowl Round, Menu Tray Rectangular Natural, Plate Square, Plate Square, Bowl Round S hallow, Food Box with Fold-over Lid 3 Part, Food Box with Fold-over Lid 3 Part White , Portion Cup, Sauce Cup, Round Bowl, Lunch Box, Hamburger Box,  Rect Meat Tray

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the European Union prohibits member states from selling certain plastic products from 2021 onwards. This singleuse plastic ban concerns products that are frequently found in the environment and for which alternatives are offered on the market.

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