The edible cup: Solutions to the disposable coffee cup problem 

The ultimate waste-free cup, though, must be this: a coffee cup made of cereals that you can munch on like an ice cream cone, once you’ve downed your drink.

Wafer cups, Biodegradable edible coffee cup. VEGAN. No GMO. Only 56 kcal.

We use innovative technology to create a product that is both eco-friendly and sustainable solution for the reduction of single-use plastics.


This cups is made from natural grain products. It is eco-friendly, delicious, crispy and suitable for all kinds of hot and cold beverages.


thermal and moisture resistance is achieved without any icings or coatings (no artificial stuff!) So the cup doesn’t alter the taste of the beverage it contains.


Every cup is dressed in a stylish protective label that makes it easy to handle without a direct contact and isolates the cup from the surfaces it is placed on.

How awesome is that!

Sizes  110 ml and 220 ml

Sold per 200 pieces

Packed per 10 pieces

These edible coffee cups can also be provided with a personalized white paper holder (from 1,000 pieces), ideal for during events or trade fairs. Please contact us for this.

Do the cups contain GMO?

No. The product does not contain GMO. All products are GMO free.

Are the cups vegan?

Yes. The products can be enjoyed by people with vegan dietary requirements.

Do the cups contain gluten?

Yes, there is gluten in the current version of the cups.

What is the best-before date for the cups?

To ensure the crispiness of the cups it is best to be consumed within 9 months of production.

Edible coffee cups. The coffee cup you can eat!

  • Resistant to 85 degrees
  • Stays crispy for 40 minutes
  • Weighs 15 grams
  • Remains leak-proof for up to 12 hours
  • Vegan but does contain gluten

And if you decide not to snack on it, it will biodegrade within weeks.

The cookie cup you can eat with your coffee 😉

Edible tableware is a new modern trend around the world · Eco-friendly product. Drink coffee – eat a cup. No waste!

Waiting for the day that Edible cups are available in all coffee shops #ediblecups #plasticalternative #sustainability #biodegradable 

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