Take away packaging and AGF packaging made in Europe

D&L srl  Italy was founded in 2011 for the production of plastic containers (BOPS, PET, PP) for the food industry and for large-scale distribution.

Since 2016 it has predominantly supported the use of recycled plastic materials such as R-PET consisting of 90% post-consumer recycled plastic bottle and biodegradable PLA.

In 2020 it introduced the production of trays and trays in flat cardboard and microwave obtaining the FSC certification.

D&L srl, made in Europe, is the ideal partner for the supply of packaging, produces and markets packaging for food packaging suitable for traditional and new market needs.

Our goal is to offer our customers materials that have high functional characteristics, but which at the same time are produced from eco-sustainable raw materials.

Corrugated Cardboard

  • Ecoffee2go
  • AGF/Vegetable/Fruit Trays

Flat Cardboard

  • Anti-grease trays with low edge
  • Grease trays with high edge
  • HL Box
  • Salad bowls
  • Hamburger Box
  • Paper Shoppers bags take away

Bonded Cardboard

  • Cardboard + PET Bio plate 18×18
  • Cardboard + PET white Bio trays
  • Cardboard + PET black Bio trays


  • PLA transparent Bio trays


  • 36 Manual electric heat sealer
  • Semi-automatic electric heat sealer
  • Food film reel


Cardboard + PET disposable heat-sealable trays are ideal for counter display.

What makes these containers unique is the possibility of cooking or reheating food directly inside them. They guarantee the best food safety and can be used both at home and for catering or  restaurants. They are easy to dispose of and respect the environment.

It is an ideal dish for school canteens and healthcare facilities. It can be used as a dish for first It is resistant to high temperatures for cooking in the oven at 200°, in the microwave oven and in the freezer at -40°.

They are characterized by practicality, comfort and speed of use; they are in fact designed to facilitate the packaging procedure using the convenient heat sealer

Customize your packaging

All products NaturaDentro and most of ours other products can be customized with your logo or with the graphics you prefer. Creating a brand means enhancing your product by making it unique and recognizable

Our is an ambitious commitment and a conscious choice for our and your future. We choose the best materials to ensure our customers total food safety, guaranteeing sustainability and biodegradability

Please let us know your observations.

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