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Disposable food packaging comprises disposable items often found in fast food, take-out restaurants, kiosks, catering and also for delivery. Food-serving items for picnics and parties are very similar.

Disposable foodservice packaging can be made from a number of materials, each with its own uses and benefits. Disposable foodservice products made from paper, paperboard, and corrugated fiberboard. In recent years, manufacturers have been working on developing more sustainable alternatives to traditional plastic products. Amongst them are products made from bamboo, sugarcane  and wood. By reducing the need for equipment and additional labor, disposable foodservice packaging is an economical alternative to multiuse items and eliminates the need for dishwashers and other support equipment (racks, carts, dollies, shelving, bins). It can also save money on water and energy used by dishwashers and can eliminate the need to replace reusables that are broken, damaged, stolen or accidentally discarded.

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are you ready for the single-use plastic ban? 

the European Union prohibits member states from selling certain plastic products from 2021 onwards. This singleuse plastic ban concerns products that are frequently found in the environment and for which alternatives are offered on the market.

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