Salad Bowl

Environmentally friendly raw materials bring you a green meal experience.

PLA Coated Kraft Salad Bowl, perfect for small servings of salads, pasta, rice or even soups. Suitable for hot and cold food. Food safe.

Our sustainable takeaway boxes is one of Europe’s favorite take-out meals. Keep your business green with these Eco-friendly boxes.

This product is available with a clear domed lid, which seamlessly displays its contents whilst also making it easy to store.


Kraft Salad Bowl  500ml      300g Kraft paper +PE              size: 150*128*50mm     pack:50pcsx6

Kraft Salad Bowl  750ml       300g Kraft paper +PE             size: 150*128*60mm     pack:50pcsx6

Kraft Salad Bowl 1000ml      300g Kraft paper +PE             size: 150*128*73mm     pack:50pcsx6

Kraft Salad Bowl 1100ml      337g Kraft paper +PE             size: 184*160*60mm     pack:50pcsx6

Kraft Salad Bowl 1300ml      337g Kraft paper +PE             size: 184*160*70mm     pack:50pcsx6

Kraft Salad Bowl 1500ml      337g Kraft paper +PE             size: 184*160*84mm     pack:50pcsx6

PET Lid   Dia 150mm, 8g

PET Lid   Dia185mm, 12g

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