Water Cooler Drink Cups

We have plastic free, PE, PLA paper cups, an alternative to single-use plastic water cups, cold drink Paper cups !

Paper cups are Recyclable and Ideal for serving water or cold drinks at outdoor events or festivals, bars, football clubs, marathons

Sampling cup 4 oz /100 ml
Water cup 6 oz /150-160 ml
Water cup 7,5 oz /180 -210 ml vending cup
Standard cup 8 oz /235 ml

Paper cups Create and print your own logo or design from 1.000 pcs

Ideal for serving water, soft drinks or cider for a more eco-friendly option.
The recyclable design ensures your business can help to reduce waste pollution.

Please take a look at Paper cones cups for watercoolers.

So, if you’re in need of some new paper cups or biodegradable compostable cups for your office water cooler, no problem. You can order your water cooler cups right here

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