Reusable food containers and coffee cups for takeaway food and coffee

Bruinsma United can help you with reusable packaging as more and more Consumers are looking for both convenience and sustainability, and companies are responding with containers, coffee cups, bottles and bags designed for many uses.

Reusable packaging-as-a-service are you looking for a solution designed to make coffee or food delivery a waste-free, sustainable experience?

Get your favourite food in reusable containers or your coffee in a reusable coffee cup and join the mission to eliminate single-use food packaging waste, one container/ cup at a time!

We can help you with user-friendly reusable system for the gastronomy in the “to go” sector.


  • Companies
  • Restaurants
  • Take away
  • Coffee shops
  • catering
  • Municipalities
  • Universities
  • Festivals
  • Sport clubs
  • Events
  • Food trucks

Choose eco-friendly materials for positive impact

Choose FSC® certified products

Be a trend setter and differentiate from your competitors, by offering a zero-waste food / coffee delivery to your customers.

Suggestions reusable food packaging

Straw, Cutlery, Square Food Box, Round Food Box, Menu Box, , Soup Cup/Bowl, Salad Box, Cake Box, Salad Bowl, Hamburger Box, Cone Box, Taco Box, Sushi Box,

Reusable coffee cups

Aroma to Go thermos cup,  Cup ISO to go , Coffee cups

From 2024, all disposable plastic in the catering industry will be banned in the Netherlands, what a milestone!

Here too, we have many sustainable solutions that we would be happy to discuss with you.

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Bruinsma United is sales agent for reusable packaging!