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4 Aces, for over 20 years, supplies a full range of plastic and paper cups, food packaging and water cooler products to a mix of customers in the vending, HoReCa and water cooler markets. With a competitive pricing structure and a strong customer service ethos, the company is committed to investing in its manufacturing partners to ensure its product offering is amongst the widest and most creative and that all orders are completed and delivered quickly and with the utmost efficiency.

We supply a premium range of food packaging ( like Pasta boxes, Noodle boxes, Asia food boxes, Rice boxes, Take away boxes, Food containers, Sushi boxes, Salad boxes, Sandwich boxes, Food trays, Paper bowls) and beverage disposables that cover cups for cold (water, beer, smoothie, milkshake) and hot (coffee-to-go, hot chocolate) drinks but also Ice cream cups. Our expanding ‘Planet’​ range offers our customers more options when making environmentally conscious decisions.

Over and above our core range of water, hot and cold disposable packaging we have become leaders in creative sourcing of products specific to client needs. Sourcing from accredited factories worldwide, our dedicated procurement teamwork in harmony with our account managers to provide client solutions suiting their changing environmental business needs.

We cover UK + Europe and whether it’s by the case or by the container, we can deliver to your requirements, this time, next time and every time.

Why 4 Aces:

The last few years have been extremely difficult due to many factors. Trying to stay on top of fluctuating customer demand and explosive growth within the takeaway sector has been an unrivalled challenge. The team at 4 Aces have been exceptional throughout in providing short, medium and long term solutions and ensuring communication remains a priority. The customer service despite these challenges has been exceptional and we look forward to a continuing successful relationship.

By carefully vetting strategic manufacturers we have been able to create valuable partnerships with leading packaging companies, in key markets, to bring our customers an attractive range of standard and bespoke products, along with a hugely experienced and skilled team of global sourcing experts.

This approach allows us to be a one stop shop for all packaging needs including core range, new product development and future proofing companies’ sustainable requirements and ambitions.

Visit www.4acesltd.com  to discover more.

If you’d like any help in choosing the right paper cups and food packaging for your situation, please feel free to contact us.


Purchase Quality Disposable Packaging For All Your Beverage and Food Needs.

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