Spoontainable BENELUX Edible spoons

Sustainable plastic alternatives from saved waste materials for your business

Discover edible ice cream spoons, edible cutlery and more sustainable plastic alternatives made from 100% natural ingredients.

No food waste, but vegan and plastic free. An edible spoon for a sustainable future.

New alternative for (bio) plastic: our Spoonie

  • vegan & CO2-neutral
  • sustainable alternative
  • zero waste
  • repeatedly awarded
  • Perfect for ice cream, dessert, coffee and more!
  • 100% edible
  • vegan & gluten-free

Spoonie choc in a box

Spoonie classic S cocoa
Spoonie classic S oats
Spoonie classic L oats

Ice Magic Karla Cocao
Ice Magic Viola Vanilla

Spoonie cocoa now also in a box by Spoontainable

No more unnecessary single-use plastic! Because we have developed a sustainable alternative that not only consists of 100% sustainable raw materials, but is also edible. The Spoonie choc is now available in a practical box. Our edible spoons are finally coming to your home, because the Spoonie cocoa is now available in the right size for celebrations, birthdays, events or simply for snacking.

With our edible spoons in a box, you are perfectly equipped on the go and can spoon your ice cream sustainably. Our box of sustainability contains 35 edible spoons. The Spoonie choc is the edible spoon that you can use for ice cream, dessert, yoghurt or much more, for example. In addition, the spoonie lasts at least 60 minutes in dessert without becoming soft and can then be eaten with.

True to the motto: Don’t waste it – taste it! But the Spoonie can do more, it’s vegan and gluten-free.

Edible spoons 

Spoonie classic S cocoa  7 cm
Spoonie classic S oats     7 cm
Spoonie classic L oats    8,5 cm

Prefer classic or cocoa? Our edible spoons come in two different varieties and sizes. Discover now our variations and different types of spoons.

With our plastic-free ice cream spoon, eating ice cream becomes a very special experience. By avoiding plastic, you not only care about the environment. You offer your customers a sustainable and edible plastic alternative.

Skip the waste, enjoy the taste.

Our edible spoon goes perfectly with ice cream, coffee, dessert, finger food). Your sustainable and edible spoons from Spoontainable.

Ice magic

Magic your ice cream

Ice Magic Karla Cocao
Ice Magic Viola Vanilla

With Spoontainable’s Ice Magic, the ice cream comes to your home! Conjure up your own ice cream in just a few minutes and bring summer to you. Our ice cream mix is the perfect addition to our spoonies and helps you make your own ice cream at home.

The ice cream mix also works without an ice cream machine, is vegan, gluten-free and free of e-substances. And best of all: our Ice magic also works perfectly with vegan milk alternatives.

You are the Spoonie to my ice cream ❤️🍦

Spoon. Sustainable.

Plastic? No, thanks! Spoontainable offers sustainable cutlery and edible spoons made from 100% natural ingredients.

Edible, sustainable and – of course – plastic-free.

Don’t Waste It. Taste It.

We look forward  to your enquiry  and will be happy  to advise you!

Bruinsma United is sales agent for Spoontainable in the BENELUX