Buy products from Europe again !

Bruinsma united can help you to buy products from Europe again, where in the past we typically bought the products from the Far East.

Because of strategic reasons more and more companies are considering sourcing from Europe again. The two main reasons are that a shorter supply chain could work in our mutual benefit: Lower CO2 emission and quicker reaction time to the market.

So we understand and support the strategy when it comes to European sourcing and we believe that there will be a strong, growing trend which will only increase as issues around Far East supply, reaction to Covid-19, delivery hold-ups, health and safety, compliance, carbon footprint, buying local etc are set to increase in the future.

Container prices hit the roof!
Trade imbalance causes container shortage; freight rates hit the roof
Fall in imports from Asia leads to shortage of containers hurting shipping lines, importers and exporters.

Drewry: Blanked Sailings Contributed to Container Shortage
The global shortage of shipping containers has become one of the most hotly discussed issues in the shipping industry as 2020 draws to a close. There have been reports that exporters have not been able to ship their goods while carriers have been struggling to get containers where they need them.

The ramp-up of newbuild production will certainly help alleviate some of the ongoing container equipment shortages, but the greatest impact will come from a normalization of cargo demand development and carrier sailing schedules, as Covid-19 related disruption unwinds through the first half of 2021.