Printed paper cups as marketing tool!

Are you already familiar with coffee cup marketing? It can’t just be, because it’s a new way of promoting. It is an emerging and innovative marketing tool at the moment. With coffee cup marketing you give your company, brand or product a huge boost by having your coffee cup printed in your own style. Read further below to find out what the benefits are of marketing promotion with printed cups.

Wide range and long exposure
On average you drink your coffee in about 7 minutes. That means 420 seconds in which your logo or message can be shown to someone else. This is therefore the time to attract attention with an interesting printed coffee cup. The practical thing about a cardboard coffee cup is that you can easily take it with you on the road and close it with a lid. For example, when people walk through the city with your coffee cup, they meet an average of 6 other people who see your printed coffee cup.

Various options for printing on the cup
A different cup for every promotion? Yes! It is very easy indeed. Cups are easy to order in small quantities. This means that you can use a different cup for every promotion at an affordable price. This way you remain unique and striking. If one keeps seeing the same cup, this will not stand out. For example, you can have the cup printed with your logo or with a QR code that can be scanned and linked to the desired page of your website. It may also be that you will soon have a staff party and you want to invite the staff in a playful way. Make an invitation from the coffee cup.

Suitable for internal and external marketing
The printed cups help companies to profile themselves well. Also for internal branding. This works from the inside-outside principle, whereby you build your brand from the internal organizational structure. A printed cardboard coffee cup helps with this. Coffee is very important for staff in the Netherlands. If this coffee is drunk from a nice cup with the logo of your company, this ultimately translates into greater employee involvement. It works roughly the same for external marketing. For example, at a trade show you can pour your coffee in beautifully printed coffee cups, which will make your coffee cup stand out. When a visitor walks with your coffee cup, this coffee cup will also stand out among other visitors.

The coffee experience is getting better
A plastic coffee cup, it looks simple and it is also not practical. The plastic cup allows you to burn your hands on the hot coffee, which means that you cannot comfortably enjoy your cup of coffee. With a cup of coffee from a mug you enjoy a lot more, but the possibilities are limited. Dishwashing, space in the kitchen and the same mug every day ensure that there are some hooks and eyes on an old-fashioned mug. A cardboard coffee cup, on the other hand, offers more printing options, is reusable at least three times, has less storage space and no washing up is required. All in all a better total experience so that you can enjoy your cup of coffee more.

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