Are you ready for the single-use plastic ban 2021?

We have paper cups and food packaging on stock in Belgium, but numbers change per week, orders are placed and containers are coming in again. So always ask for the current stock list. Minimum purchase is 2 mixed pallets for free house, less is also possible, but transport costs will be added.

China production with stock in Belgium.

Stock products warehouse Belgium 
MP03JS-HL600 600ml Clamshell 270*187*47mm 270*187*47mm 20g 250pcs/ctn
MP03JS-HL66 6.5″ Hamburger Clamshel (450ml) 310*150*43mm 21g 500pcs/ctn
MP03JS-HL66-1 6″ Hambourger Clamshell (400ml) 307*153*44mm 21g 500pcs/ctn
MP03JS-HL81 8″ Clamshell 436*203*46mm 38g 200pcs/ctn
MP03JS-HL83 8″ 3 Compartment Clamshell 436*203*46mm 38g 200pcs/ctn
MP03JS-HL91 9″ Clamshell 460*203*46mm 42g 200pcs/ctn
MP03JS-HL93 9″3 Compartment Clamshell 460*203*46mm 42g 200pcs/ctn
MP03JS-HL96-1 9″x6″ Lunch Box 1000ml 310*230*45mm 32g 250pcs/ctn
MP03JS-HL96-2 9″x6″ 2 Compartment Clamshell 230*155*80mm 32g 250pcs/ctn
MY03FCT230 Bagasse 9″x6″ 2 part Clamshell ‘230x155x80mm 32g 250pcs/ctn
MY03FCT436 Bgasse 8″x8″ Clamshell ‘436x203x40mm 38g 200pcs/ctn
MY03FCT436-8″3 Bagasse 8″ 3 part Clamshell ‘436x203x47mm 46g 200pcs/ctn
MY03BCLID80 LID Cup Bagasse white D. 80mm 1000pcs/ctn
MY03BCLID90 LID Cup Bagasse white D; 90mm 1000pcs/ctn
MY03LIDB90 LID Cup Bagasse brown D:90mm 1000pcs/ctn
MY03RP180 Bagasse 7″ Roud Plate ‘180x18mm 8g 1000pcs/ctn
MY03OP190 Bagasse 7,5″X10″Oval Plate ‘263x192x25mm 17g 500pcs/ctn
MY03RP225 Bagasse 9″ Round Plate ‘225x20mm 15g 500pcs/ctn
MY03RP225-9*3 Bagasse 9″3 Compartment Plate ‘225×20,6mm 20g 500pcs/ctn
MY03RP260 Bagasse 10″Round Plate ‘260×20,6mm 20g 500pcs/ctn
MY03SP160 Bagasse 6″Square Plate ‘160x16x15mm 16g 500pcs/ctn
MY03SP260 Bagasse 10*Square Plate ‘260x260x20mm 28g 500pcs/ctn
MY03B161 Bagasse Bowl 11oz (300ml) ‘161mmx36,6 mm 8g 1000pcs/ctn
MY03BB340 Bagasse Bowl 12,5oz (350ml) ‘160mmx38mm 10g 1000pcs/ctn
MY03BSAU2OZ Nature Bagasse Sauce Cup 2oz 63.5*33.5mm 3g ‘100pcs*20 polybag 2000pcs/ctn
MY03BSAUL70 Nature Bagasse Lid for Sauce Cup 2oz 69*6mm2g ‘100*20polybag 2000pcs/ctn
Cardbord tray
MY01TRAYK115 Kraft cardboard tray-two part 300g+18 pe ‘115**85*38mm/85x32x38mm 600pcs/ctn
MY01TRAYK94 Kraft cardboard tray-two part 300g+18 pe ’94*65*35mm 27*65*35mm 600pcs/ctn
MY1TRIB17 Brow/white Pizza Slice 300g+PET Window ‘170*170*130*X H45mm 300pcs/ctn
MY01OWCK120 Open Wrap Cup 12oz 120x73x60mm ‘210g kraf paper +pe 1000pcs/ctn
MY01HAMK120 Kraft Hambourger Box 300g+pe 120*120*70mm 300pcs/ctn
MY01HAMK105 Cardboard Burger Box 300g kraft paper 105*105*85mm 250pcs/ctn
MY01BIOK01 N°1Kraft Bio Box (650ml) 300g+18pe ‘Kraft 130*105×113*90x65mm 450pcs/ctn
MY01BIOK02 N°2 Kraft Bio Box (1000ml) 337g+18pe’Kraft 215*162×197*140x48mm 200pcs/ctn
MY01BIOK03 N°3 Kraft Bio Box (1500ml) 337g+18pe ‘Kraft 215*162×197*140x64mm 200pcs/ctn
MY01BIOK04 N°4 Kraft Bio Box (2400ml) 337g ‘215*162 / 197*140 / 90mm 160pcs/ctn
MY01BIOK05 N°5 Kraft Bio Box (1000ml) 300g+pe ‘153x122x50mm 50pcsx4bags 200pcs/ctn
MY01BIOK08 N°8 Kraft Bio Box (1200ml) 300g+pe ‘149x116x64mm 50pcsx6bags 300pcs/ctn
Paper straw
MY01PSTRAW6145B Plain Black 6*145mm 500pcs/Opp bags 500pcs*10 bags 5000pcs/ctn
MY01PSTRAW6145B1 Plain Black 6*145mm 500pcs Paper box 500pcs*10 boxes 5000pcs/ctn
MY01PSTRAW6145RS Plain Red Strip 6*145mm 500pcs/Opp bags 500pcs*10bags 5000pcs/ctn
MY01PSTRAW6145RS1 Plain Red Strip 6*145mm 500pcs Paper Box 500pcs*10 boxes 5000pcs/ctn
MY01PSTRAW6197B Plein Black 6*197mm 500pcs/Opp bags 500pcs*10 bags 5000pcs/ctn
MY01PSTRAW6197B1 Plein Black 6*197mm 500pcs Paper Box 500pcs*10 boxes 5000pcs/ctn
MY01PSTRAW6197CY Plein Yellow 6*197mm 250pcs Opp bags 250pcs*20bags 5000pcs/ctn
MY01PSTRAW6197K Nature Kraft 6*197mm 500pcs Opp bags 500pcs*10bags 5000pcs/ctn
MY01PSTRAW6197K1 Nature Kraft 6*197mm 500pcs Paper Box 500pcs*10 boxes 5000pcs/ctn
MY01PSTRAW6197W Plein White 6*197mm 500pcs/Opp bags 500pcs*10bags 5000pcs/ctn
MY01PSTRAW6197W1 Plein White 6*197mm 500pcs Paper Box 500pcs*10 boxes 5000pcs/ctn
MY01PSTRAW8240B Plein Black 8*240mm 250pcs/Opp bags 250pcs*20bags 5000pcs/ctn
MY01PSTRAW8240B1 Plein Black 8*240mm 250pcs Paper box 250pcs*20 boxes 5000pcs/ctn
MY01PSTRAW8240CY Plein Yellow 8*240mm 250pcs/Opp bags 250*20 bags 5000pcs/ctn
MY01PSTRAW8240CY1 Plein Yellow 8*240mm 250pcs Paper box*20 boxes 5000pcs/ctn
MY01PSTRAW8240K Nature Kraft 8*240mm 250pcs/Opp bags 250*20 bags 5000pcs/ctn
MY01PSTRAW8240K1 Nature Kraft 8*240mm 250pcs/Paper Box 250pcs/20 boxes 5000pcs/ctn
MY01PSTRAW8240W Plein white 8*240mm 250pcs/Opp 250*20 bags 5000pcs/ctn
MY01PSTRAW8240W1 Plein white 8*240mm 250pcs Paper box*20 boxes 5000pcs/ctn
MY01PSTR8-230/4 Paper Straw White 4 LAYERS ‘D:8 L:240MM BOX (16×250) 4000pcs/ctn
Round food box
MY01RDK16 Kraft Round Noodle box 16oz 300g+ pe 500pcs/ctn
MY01RDK26 Kraft Round Noodle box 26oz 300g+ pe 500pcs/ctn
MY01RDK32 Noodle Box 32oz 300g kraft +single pe 500pcs/ctn
Salad bowl
MY01SBK500 Salad Bowl Kraft 500ml 300g + PE ‘150x128x50mm 300pcs/ctn
MY01SBK750 Salad Bowl Kraft 750ml 300g + PE ‘150x128x60mm 300pcs/ctn
MY01SBK1000 Salad Bowl Kraft 1000ml 300g+ PE ‘150x128x73mm 300pcs/ctn
MY01SBK1100 Salad Bowl Kraft 1100ml 300g+ PE ‘185x1160x60mm 300pcs/ctn
MY01SBK1300 Salad Bowl Kraft 1300ml 300g+ PE ‘185x160x70mm 300pcs/ctn
MY01SBK1500 Salad bowl Kraft 1500ml 337g+PE 185x160x84mm 300pcs/ctn
MY01WSB750 Salad Bowl 750ml White Paper 300g +PE 150x128x60mm 300pcs/ctn
MY01WSB1300 Salad Bowl 1300ml White Paper 320g+PE 185x160x70mm 300pcs/ctn
MY03SBPET150 PET LID Dia: 150mm for salad bowl kraft 500/750/1000ml 300pcs/ctn
MP01BPRPET155 RPET LID Dia: 150mmTransparent for salad bowl 500/750/1000ml 300pcs/ctn
MY03SBPET185 PET LID Dia:185mm for salad bowl 1100/1300/1500ml 300pcs/ctn
MY03SBPET190 RPET LID Transparent anti fog for salad bowl 1100/1300/1500ml 300pcs/ctn
MY01SBK1050 Salad bowl Kraft 1050ml 185X160X50mm 300pcs/ctn
MY01SBK960 Salad bowl Kraft 960ml 185X160X50mm 300pcs/ctn
MY01SBK12 Salad bowl kraft 12oz 300gr+pe 115x92x62mm 500pcs/ctn
MY02SBPLID115 PP LID for 12/16/24oz 115mm 6g 1000pcs/ctn
Soup bowl 
MY01SBOWLK08 Soup Bowl 8oz kraft 300g+pe 96x77x60mm 500pcs/ctn
MY01SBOWLK12 Soup Bowl 12oz Kraft 300g+pe 96x81x70mm 500pcs/ctn
MY01SBOWLK16 Soup Bowl 16oz kraft 337g+pe 98x78x93mm 500pcs/ctn
MY01SBKLID96 Kraft Soup Bowl LID 96mm 500pcs/ctn
MY01SBOWLK26 Soup Bowl 26oz Kraft 337g+pe 115x89x115mm 500pcs/ctn
MY01SBOWLK32 Soup Bowl 32oz Kraft 337g+pe 115x91x133mm 500pcs/ctn
MY01SBKLID115 Kraft Soup Bowl LID 115mm 500pcs/ctn

we always can help you ! ask for prices ! wholesale and end users !